HLPF SIDE EVENT: The right to education and lifelong learning: the new normality in a broken world

Tue 5 July, 13:00-14:30 NY time

The ICAE  is co-organising a side event as part of the Education and Academia Stakeholder Group. The side-event focuses on the enabling potential of the right to education and how SDG4 is a lever for the entire Sustainable Development Agenda. Find more information here.

The event is planned for its participants to share public policy suggestions and recommendations, not only to mitigate the pandemic and any crisis-related context that threatens education but mainly to identify the interventions governments should take to protect education for all in emergency contexts. The interaction between SDG4 and the other sustainable development goals is the pragmatic basis of the dialogue that this side-event will promote.


  • Introduction, Beathe Ogard, 5 mins.
  • Education for Peace and Recovery: Identifying Education Financing and Public Policies Required to Prioritise the Recovery of Education During Emergency Contexts, Refat Sabbah, 20 mins.
  • The intervention of the Ministry of Education of Argentina, Alberto Croce, 10 mins.
  • Lessons from a Crisis:  Education Interventions and Recommendations to Promote Education Post-COVID-19, Katarina Popovic, 15 mins.
  • Students’ Rights Throughout the Pandemic, Sebastian Berger, 15 mins.
  • Closure Remarks, Beathe Ogard, 5 mins.

Register here: https://us02web.zoom.us/meeting/register/tZMvf-iopjIrHdyFXhgsMVmGHfUNWB2hPQZX

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