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BY- LAWS International Council for Adult Education


1.1 For the purpose of identifying Members eligible to vote at the ICAE General Assembly (hereafter referred to as GA) and eligible to exercise other constitutional Member rights, and also for identifying Members eligible to receive communications, information briefs, newsletters, invitations and consultations and other services of ICAE, it is necessary to establish current but regularly reviewed criteria, as implied in the Constitution.

1.2 To retain membership in good standing, member organizations must, on receipt of the annual invoice or notice of payment, transmit to the official account of ICAE at least the minimum annual subscription as officially determined by the ICAE Executive Committee (hereafter referred to as EC). Alternatively, if there are restrictions on the transference of currency in a given country, Member organizations must work out an alternative, mutually acceptable arrangement with the ICAE Secretariat. The Secretary General (hereafter referred to as SG) shall send reminders to members relating to subscription dues. The SG shall send receipts in respect of payment received.

1.3. EC can, by exception, make a decision to keep a Member organization that did not fulfill its subscription duties in status of a member for certain amount of time, with full or partial Member rights.

1.4 This By-Laws applies to all categories of members.


2.1 A completed application form together with required documentation should be submitted to the Secretariat of ICAE.

2.2 In the case of applicants from regions where regional member organizations exist, applications will be referred to those regional organizations through the Vice-President in charge for their comment within 30 days.

2.3 Upon receipt of the applications, the application will be checked by the ICAE Secretariat for conformity to the criteria for membership as outlined in the Constitution and sent to the members of the EC for their approval. In cases, where Article 2.2. of these by-laws is applicable, this checking will be implemented before the application is sent to the members of the EC.

2.4 Membership will be decided by simple majority vote of the EC. In the case of a rejection the applicant may appeal to the GA.

2.5 This By-Law applies to all categories of members.


3.1 Submissions of nominations for members of the EC for possible election at a GA shall lie in the hands of the Ordinary members (in good standing), subject to the following conditions and considerations.

3.2 Nominations shall be sent to the Electoral Committee via SG from Ordinary Members (in good standing) not earlier than six months prior to the notified date of the GA and not later than six weeks before the GA.

3.3 Ordinary members (in good standing) shall ascertain before their submission of a nomination the willingness and capability of their nominees to carry out duties of a EC member, and shall obtain a documentation on each nominee, described in the ICAE Constitution and send it to the Electoral Committee via the SG.

3.4 Ordinary members (in good standing) shall keep in mind, when considering and submitting nominations, the agreed policy of ICAE to achieve, so far as it is possible, 50% representation of women and men in the EC.

3.5 In the case of nominations for the President, Treasurer and Vice-President the candidate must state clearly the position for which they seek nomination..

3.6 The Secretary General shall notify the members of ICAE of the opportunity for nominations at least six months prior to the GA.


4.1 In presenting the voting list to the GA, the SG will ensure that the following information is clearly displayed: the geographical origin and gender of the nominees, their constituencies, position being nominated for (President, Treasurer, Vice-President or Regular EC members) together with a CV and letter of proposal indicating their experience and current work.

4.2 A member may be represented at a physical GA by a written or email confirmation of authorisation.

4.3 The SG has to issue written information to the members about:

  • The list of Members in good standing ;
  • The need to consider the best possible representation of national and regional membership;
  • The need to consider parity between men and women in the EC.

4.4 Electoral Committee and SG will ensure that processes of voting and counting of votes are organized in a regular and transparent way and correct performance of the voting procedure is ensured in both  a physical and virtual General Assembly.

4.5 In the case of a physical GA, there shall be separated elections, during the same sessions of the GA, of the President, the Treasurer, the Vice-Presidents, the Ordinary Members of the EC, in that order.

4.6 The results of the election for each of the positions shall be announced by the Electoral Committee immediately after such election in the case of a physical GA, and after one week in the case of a virtual GA.

4.7 In the case of a physical GA, the overall election results will be announced to the GA before the end of the relevant plenary session, and will be transmitted by the SG immediately following the closure of the GA to the whole Membership of the ICAE. In the case of a virtual GA the overall results will be announced to the whole Membership of the ICAE in one week.


5.1. The following sub-committees of the EC are obligatory:

  • Constitution Advisory Committee (CAC)
  • Finance Advisory Committee (FAC)

The EC has the right to form additional sub-committees. Decision is taken by simple majority.

5.2. No person shall be a member of more than two sub-committees except the SG.

5.3. There shall be at least four members of the EC in each sub-committees, one of whom shall be the SG. Other members shall be nominated and appointed by the EC at its annual meeting for initial periods of two years, and can be renewed annually. Each sub-committee shall select its own Chairperson and Secretary.

5.3 Constitution Advisory Committee (CAC)

5.3.1 The Constitution Advisory Committee shall be responsible for reviewing all proposed amendments to the ICAE’s Constitution and By-Laws submitted by members to the SG and by the Committee. The SG shall forward each such proposal to the CAC which shall make recommendations to the EC at the next annual meeting.

5.3.2 All other procedures relating to the enactment of any proposed amendments, revisions, alterations or changes to the Constitution shall be governed by Article 8 of the Constitution.

5.4 Finance Advisory Committee

5.4.1 The purpose of the Finance Advisory Committee is to assist ICAE to strengthen its financial base. To do this, the Committee will:

  1. a) Provide a critical assessment of and sounding board for financial planning and reporting within the ICAE;
  2. b) Assist with fundraising strategy and plan of activity by:
  • reviewing fundraising strategy and plan of activity
  • helping to identify prospects

5.4.2 The Committee shall meet physically or virtually at least four times annually,

5.4.3. The Treasurer is automatically a member of the Finance Advisory Committee.

5.5.3 Section 5 of the By-Law shall not in any way affect the power of the EC or the GA to vary arrangements.

ICAE Executive Committee

March 2020