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We appreciate your interest in ICAE membership, and your application is most welcome!

ICAE, formed in 1973, is the main global network promoting youth and adult learning and education and doing advocacy for the right to learn of young people and adults. ICAE is a non profit civil society association with consultative status to the United Nations Economic and Social Council (ECOSOC) and associate status with UNESCO. The Secretariat of ICAE is based in Montevideo, Uruguay. ICAE is a democratic organization, where the members in good standing meet at General Assemblies every 4 years to elect the Executive Committee (Board) amongst them.

ICAE has two main membership categories

  • Ordinary members (full voting), this category includes regional, sectoral or national associations which have youth and adult learning and education as their main and overall task and responsibility.
  • Individual members (full voting), which can be anybody who wishes to contribute to the work of ICAE as an individual.

Choose the category you think fits your status, read the guidelines and fill in the application form accordingly, and attach a recommendation letter from an ICAE national or regional member. You also need to send either a copy of your constitution/law or the last annual report or any other relevant documents. Documents should be sent in English, French or Spanish.

The ICAE Executive Committee reviews all applications for membership together with the Secretariat. The decision will normally be taken within 3 months.

All members of ICAE agree to adhere to the Aims and Objectives and other provisions of the ICAE Constitution.

Applicants for ordinary membership should have the capability and willingness to communicate with and relate to relevant organizations in their respective regions or countries. Likewise, they must have the capability and willingness to report to the Council on significant relevant developments in their respective regions.

Membership fees

Ordinary members:

  • USD 200 Organizations with annual turnover up to USD 250,000
  • USD 400 Organizations with annual turnover between USD 250,001 and USD 500,000
  • USD 600 Organizations with annual turnover between USD 500,001 and USD 1,000,000
  • USD 1,000 Organizations with annual turnover between USD 1,000,001 and USD 2,000,000
  • USD 2,000 Organizations with annual turnover between USD 2,000,001 and USD 5,000,000
  • USD 3,000 Organizations with annual turnover of USD 5,000,001 or above

Individual  members:   USD 150 USD + voluntary contribution

All members are required to pay their annual membership fee. Only ordinary voting members who are in good standing, i.e. have paid their dues, will be allowed to vote and to designate a representative who will be responsible for nominating and electing the members of the ICAE Executive Committee at the General Assembly. Individual members in good standing have the right to vote only.

All members are expected to participate in ICAE’s activities, share their expertise and knowledge with ICAE and provide ICAE with news about their activities and events within their region/countries.

Solidarity fund
ICAE has introduced a solidarity contribution for those organizations that are willing to help others which are smaller or undergoing financial constraints. This contribution is not compulsory and can be anonymous. Those willing to make contributions can do so every year or as a one-time payment, based on their financial possibilities.

–    A space where members can work together, share best practices, reflect on issues, debate, strategize and do networking so as to strengthen the adult education movement.
–    Regular updates on the activities and plans of the Council as well as its Annual Report and Audit through ICAE members’ list-serve.
–    An electronic bulletin, Voices Rising, to keep members updated with news, activities, training courses, job opportunities and the latest happenings in the adult education community.
–    The 0pportunity to share articles, papers and news about what member organizations are doing which can be disseminated through Voices Rising and our list-serves (reaching more than 2,000 people).
–    Free electronic or hard copies of relevant adult education documents and publications such as the Adult Education and Development Journal
–    Participation in multilingual virtual seminars on different themes.
–    Support and priority to participate in ICAE training courses and seminars.
–    The opportunity to attend and represent ICAE at UN conferences (when applicable) by virtue of ICAE’s consultative status to ECOSOC.
–    The opportunity to join ICAE working teams such as the Gender and Education Office, the Environmental Education and Climate Change team, Decent Learning for Decent work team, etc.
–    For ordinary and individual members in good standing: voting rights in the General Assembly.

To enable the effective flow of information, members are requested to send regularly to the Secretariat electronic copies of their journals, newsletters, reports, profiles, changes in addresses and contacts, and other relevant information.

Read more about the benefits of the Membership with ICAE:

Download the Application form here! 

See Guidelines for Application here!