Two publications by DVV International: Curriculum managerALE and Expert Paper on Citizenship Education

Curriculum managerALE

DVV International has developed another product of its “global curriculum family”. Curriculum managerALE is a modular competency-based curriculum for managers of institutions of adult learning and education (IALE) that can be implemented in different cultural and social contexts, even in geographical locations with minimum teaching facilities, in order to provide IALE managers with competencies for effective management. The new curriculum managerALE maintains a close connection with DVV International’s Curriculum globALE and Curriculum institutionALE. For more information please see:

Expert Paper on Citizenship Education

DVV International released a new expert paper to provide an overview of the discussion on the topic of “Citizenship Education” (CE) from the perspective of adult learning and education (ALE). CE is particularly important in the context of current global policy processes such as the 7th UNESCO World Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VII) and the 5th Global Report on Adult Learning and Education (GRALE 5). For DVV International as a professional organisation in the field of ALE and development cooperation, CE traditionally plays an important role; the same can be said of many of our international partners and the German Adult Education Centres (vhs), for whom civic, holistic education is an inseparable part of their mandate. The paper can be found here:

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