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ICAE’s mission is to promote learning and education for adults and young people in pursuit of social justice within the framework of human right in all its dimensions, to secure the healthy, sustainable and democratic development of individuals, communities and societies.

Montreal 14 June 2015

We, adult educators and learners of the world and members of the International Council for Adult Education, reaffirm, together with the 2015 World Education Forum, that education throughout life is a fundamental human right, a basis for guaranteeing the attainment of all other human rights, and a public good.

We reaffirm our global, regional and local commitments and our passion for the full realization of the right to education for peace. This right is required to build the world we want for all, especially for young and adult people, regardless of age, gender, ability or circumstances. This right is the foundation of a world based on democratic participation, justice, equality, respect, care and solidarity among our diverse people. We must be in harmony with our cultural and environmental rights… READ MORE!