Mid-Term Review of CONFINTEA VI

The Power of Adult Learning: Vision 2030
25-27 October 2017, Suwon, Republic of Korea

As we have announced in the last months, CONFINTEA VI Mid-Term Review Conference (MTR) The Power of Adult Learning: Vision 2030 is approaching. It is going to be held at Suwon, in the Republic of Korea, on 25-27 October 2017, organized by UIL (UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning) and Korean partners.

The Mid-Term Review represents a unique opportunity to assess achievements and challenges in adult learning and education (ALE) since 2009, when 144 countries adopted the Belém Framework for Action at the last CONFINTEA (International Conference on Adult Education). At this Mid-Term Review (MTR), participants will take stock of progress made since 2009, identify achievements and challenges, and consider trends and policies that will shape the future of ALE. The expected outcome is to build a shared Vision for Adult Learning and Education, in accordance with SDG4 – Education 2030, and prepare for CONFINTEA VII.

According to ICAE’s mission and values, in the CONFINTEA VI Mid-Term Review we will have a clear focus on adult education in the lifelong learning perspective both as a stand-alone goal of the Agenda 2030 and as the transversal mean of the implementation of several other Sustainable Development Goals. Our mandate is to provide the civil society view and input to the review process, to help learning from the past and setting the stage for the future.

Keep an eye on the UIL website for the programme, key documents and practical information: http://uil.unesco.org/adult-education/confintea-conference-follow-up/mid-term-review-confintea-6

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