Unlocking the power of 4.7

The ICAE Executive Committee Members and Staff actively participated in the Bridge 47 Network conference on “Unlocking the power of 4.7. – the role of Global Citizenship Education in achieving sustainable development”on 3rd of October in Brussels, Belgium. 

The event provided a forum for representatives of value-based education to come together, learn from each other and find common strategies for promoting Global Citizenship Education and other types of value based education. Participants discussed how we can better engage decision-makers and new  target groups in supporting global citizenship education.

A short video clip gives you some impressions of the conference. Can you spot someone you recognize? https://youtu.be/J2KW8IcqowM?fbclid=IwAR124BTDrpFdc3vn01j5VqNkFzCpTCPi4YM7zd54s3HeWAlcPacrirpGfho 

The conference indeed inspired ICAE with new ideas, tools and ways to work together.

Bridge 47 – Building Global Citizenship is a project co-created and implemented by 15 European and global civil society organisations. It seeks to mobilise and empower global civil society to contribute to a transformation towards global justice and eradication of poverty through Global Citizenship Education (GCE).

Two very successful workshops were conducted by ICAE during the conference: on “Target 4.7. and the role of Adult Learning and Education” moderated by Alan Tuckett, with inputs by Katarina Popovic, Carmen Cespedes Campero, Seham Negn, Mats Ehn and Uwe Gartenschlaeger. The second ICAE workshop focused on “Resilience: An integrating concept for Target 4.7” facilitated by Robbie Guevara and Nelida Cespedes. 

Global citizenship education helps people develop a deep and comprehensive understanding of how our world and its citizens are interdependent. With the help of this understanding, people can directly and actively participate in the political arena, make informed decisions and demand coherent policies for a more equal world from their decision-makers.

Agenda 2030, which all UN member states agreed upon in 2015, considers education central in achieving the Sustainable Development Goals. For the first time in the global context, it recognizes that parallel efforts are needed to ensure that lifelong learners of different ages and backgrounds acquire the knowledge and skills to promote sustainable development, as outlined in detail by target 4.7. of the Sustainable Development Goals.

The Bridge 47 project builds a global coalition to forward this target and to collaborate around Global Citizenship Education – the Bridge 47 Network. In addition to coordinating the Bridge 47 Network, the project aims to advocate for policies that reflect the essential role of GCE in delivering the Sustainable Development Goals, build new partnerships between different actors and increase the capacity of European civil society to develop and use innovative approaches to GCE.

This project is funded by the European Union. It started in October 2017 and will continue until October 2020. The project consortium consist of two global networks (CIVICUS and ICAE), three national development education networks (Educasol in France, IDEA in Ireland and IDEAS in Scotland), six national CSO platforms (BPID in Bulgaria, AKÜ in Estonia, Kehys in Finland, VENRO in Germany, MVRO in Slovakia and SLOGA in Slovenia), three organisations working on GCE (NGO Support Centre in Cyprus, MUNDU in Denmark and Center for Education Initiatives in Latvia), and a European research network (EADI)

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