Study on “Financing Adult Learning and Education”

Financing adult learning and education (ALE) is a highly discussed, complex and, at times, even controversial topic. As globally active organisations, the Institute for international Cooperation of the German Adult Education Association (DVV International) and the International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) are committed to finding efficient ways to promote and support ALE worldwide. Sustainable financing mechanisms, taking also public spending into account, play a crucial role.

Against this background two studies have been conducted that make an attempt to shed light on the current situation from a global perspective, by analysing cases of selected countries, presenting good practice examples, discussing challenges and existing financing models.

The first study “Financing Adult Education. The way forward: what works, how and why?”, elaborated in partnership with ICAE, addresses the overall ALE sector, while the second study, commissioned by DVV International to an international expert team, looks deeper into public financing of the often underestimated field of popular, liberal and community education.


Welcome and Opening Remarks 

Christoph Jost, Director DVV International 

Dr. Roberto (Robbie) Guevara, President ICAE 

Study 1: “Financing adult learning and education – the way forward: what works, how and why” 

Introduction and background information 

Dr. Thomas Lichtenberg, Senior Desk Officer, DVV International 

Presentation of study results 

Dr. Katarina Popovič, Secretary General ICAE 

Study 2: “Public financing of popular (liberal, community) adult learning and education” 

Introduction and background information 

Levan Kvatchadze, Senior Desk Officer, DVV International 

Presentation of study results 

Prof.(H) Dr. Heribert Hinzen, Study Team Leader 

Moderated discussion 

Uwe Gartenschlaeger, President EAEA & Deputy Director DVV International 

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