DVV International Webinar on the we-are-ale campaign

Our lobbying efforts for increased attention for adult education repeatedly encounter the difficulty that there is neither a uniform global name nor a uniform understanding of our education sector. For this reason, DVV International led a branding process with the aim of giving adult education a global name and empowering civil society to speak with one voice. As a successful outcome, the international professional community has for the first time created and applied a common, global name and definition of adult learning: ALE. ALE stands for “Adult Learning and Education” and is to be used worldwide.
The International Council of Adult Education (ICAE) is leading a campaign to disseminate the name and understanding of ALE. ICAE is the most important global civil society actor in adult education. DVV International has already committed to support ICAE in campaigning and lobbying and to apply the global name ALE.

On 10th March a webinar took place to introduce the campaign to DVV members.

In conversation with Katarina Popovic, General Secretary of ICAE and Professor of Adult Education, the potentials of ALE for the vhs-Landesverbände and Volkshochschulen in Germany were discussed. Using practical examples, the use of ALE and the accompanying lobbying and marketing materials were presented.

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