Slovenian Institute for Adult Learning: Annual Consultation on Adult Education 2022 Healthy. Breakthrough. Resilient

The Annual Consultation on Adult Education (LPoIO) is a national event that brings together current activities and developments in adult education policy, research and practice. It also highlights common challenges. These concern our narrower field of expertise, while proactively linking to broader socio-economic trends at national, European and global level.

After two years, it was possible to meet again in person – without restrictions, if health circumstances permit. It is to the latter that was devoted most of our personal and professional attention at the Consultation. The central theme of the consultation was our psycho-physical health.

We need to take care of ourselves and, indirectly, of our participants. It is true that whoever is holistically strong is good, even the best – for himself and for others! Such health, which encompasses body and mind and more, is actually our responsibility. But we do not talk about it enough, we do not learn about it enough. Covid-19 gave us the opportunity to reflect on these things, especially our vulnerability. To be aware of our smallness, but at the same time to look for what truly strengthens us and ensures our well-being. In the long term, with effects in many areas, individually and in the communities that define us. Are we succeeding in this?

We listened to excellent speakers and share experiences on adult health education. The latter is becoming increasingly important in andragogy as well as in other social and natural sciences. There is no shortage of experience, as many are already working hard in the recommended directions. In working groups we exchanged plans, discuss challenges and how we can face them together or alone.

At national level, we were looking at quality standards in a changing context, i.e. for distance, blended and hybrid education. At the global level, 2022 marked the International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VII). What new recommendations did it bring? Which old ones remain unfulfilled or outdated? Here Katarina Popovic contributed with her presentation to the discussions.

Representatives of institutions working with adults in practice – universities, colleges and universities of secondary and higher education, NGOs and other organisations – contributed their views. They focused on the health, resilience and flexibility of their own teams and their participants.

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