Updates from Sweden

The Swedish members of ICAE organized a webinar on November 1st 2022 about the future of adult learning and education after Confintea VII. The webinar was hosted by Studieförbunden i samverkan with David Samuelsson as moderator. Cecilia Palm, member of the Swedish delegation to Confintea VII and of the ICAE Executive committee participated together with Joel Wiklund from the Swedish Unesco council.
The Swedish Unesco council is also organizing a follow-up of the Transforming Education Summit on January 25th 2023.

The Swedish International Development Cooperation Agency, together with partners, will be organizing a series of webinars in connection to the International Day of Education on 24 January 2023, discussing different aspects of the global education crisis. Several interesting topics will be discussed:

by ICAE EC-Member Cecilia Palm

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