Test FREE training materials on digital identity

Are you an educator? Do you have an interest in digital identity issues? Would you be interested in testing training materials in your class? 

DIGIT (https://digitproject.eu) is a European project that aims to raise awareness and boost adults’ competences in the field of digital footprint and identity through adult education. It has produced handful training materials for educators to be used with their students. All materials are freely accessible online on a Moodle Platform but registration is compulsory. 

Available languages are English, Italian, French, Spanish, Greek, Slovenian and Polish.

DIGIT four topics are: 

  • Topic 1 – Management of Personal Accounts and Images
  • Topic 2 – Online safety and Security
  • Topic 3 – Digital Citizenship
  • Topic 4 – Side effects of Internet use

For the last project phase, the Lifelong Learning Platform (LLLP) is looking for educators willing to test the training materials with their students and provide their feedback to LLLP as well as collect learners’ feedback.


  1. LLLP will explain and show educators the DIGIT materials and provide instructions on how to use the e-learning platform.
  2. Educators test the materials with their learners. They can choose two modules out of the four and achieve 70% of the learning objectives for each of them. 
  3. Educators and learners both assess the training materials.

Fill the form to express your interest in participating in the pilot and LLLP be in touch shortly: https://forms.gle/dKdTGhQtksLf4S6b9

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