COVID-19: ICAE Stands In Solidarity

ICAE acknowledges that the world is facing extraordinary times with the rapid spread of COVID19. With borders closing, changing policies and restrictions, people are reliant on technology for talking to loved ones, we are in uncertain times and circumstances are changing rapidly. It is not just a health crisis but also a social, educational and cultural crisis where our values and trust in humanity will be severely tested.

We acknowledge that many of our members are vocal in continuing to speak for those who remain most vulnerable and marginalized from access to care and information as we invest time in caring for ourselves and others. We acknowledge that effective preparedness and response requires educational initiatives to be available in all languages and requires political will and commitment. We call on world leaders to respond urgently and in coordination as requested by the Secretary-General for the United Nations. 

ICAE stands in solidarity and remains committed to supporting that efforts of all our members.

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