Dear members and partners,

It is our great pleasure to invite you apply to join ICAE’s Academy of LifeLong Learning Advocacy – IALLA!

IALLA is one of the main pillars of ICAE’s work for years. It is a full training course – the main international capacity building programme that ICAE has designed with aims of identifying and supporting Adult Learning and Education (ALE) leaders and activists from all over the world, broadening their understanding and knowledge on adult learning and education, and developing their competencies in ALE advocacy. In addition, the programme also aims to facilitate the exchange of experiences, collaborative learning, and networking.

Thanks to the support of Open Society Foundation, ICAE will organise the 10th IALLA in 2022, from 28th October – 3rd November 2022 in Broumana, Mount Lebanon (15 min drive from Beirut downtown), Lebanon. In addition to the week-long face-to-face workshop, all participants are required to participate in three introductory online sessions the week before, and three online follow-up sessions the week after IALLA. Participation in the online sessions is mandatory for all participants.

The thematic focus of the 10th IALLA will be on adult education and women which continues to be a significant factor in adult learning and education policy and practice, as affirmed during CONFINTEA VII and in the Marrakech Framework for Action. Adult education and women is furthermore, a cross-cutting issue to the success of ALE projects and activities across the world. The course will deal with the topics from the following thematic areas:

  • Education for empowerment: women and lifelong learning
  • Feminist movement and adult education
  • Global education policy as a framework for women’s education
  • Gender mainstreaming policy and advocacy for women’s learning and education
  • Feminist epistemology and educational discourses
  • Women’s participation and equality of access in adult education and literacy
  • Gender didactics and gender sensitive teaching

The aim of the training is to increase knowledge in the field, but also to increase competencies for advocacy for gender equality in adult education and for women’s rights.

The 10th IALLA will be co-organised with the Arab House for Adult Education and Development – AHAED (ICAE’s member and partner), an organization of Arab education networks, a platform of exchange for practitioners, institutions and policy makers promoting the power of Adult Learning and Education in the Arab world. The 10th IALLA will be conducted in English. (Future IALLA courses are being considered in other languages, subject to funding.)

We invite women and men, any age, from all over the world, to apply for the 10th IALLA. The main selection criteria are: demonstrated experience in practical education work with adults (as trainers, facilitators, managers …), evidence of experience in working with women in the context of adult learning and education, and a clear potential to apply the lessons learned from IALLA to their future ALE work.

All applications should be sent to the Please include a letter of application responding to the selection criteria, a detailed Curriculum Vitae (CV) and a reference letter from a supporting organisation. First priority will be given to applicants from ICAE member organisations, before those supported and/or recommended by ICAE’s members. Deadline: 29 September.

A total of 20 participants will be selected by ICAE’s Selection Committee based on the above-mentioned criteria. ICAE will strive to ensure both regional and gender representation in our selection. ICAE may decide to conduct interviews with short-listed participants to ensure sufficient English proficiency for meaningful participation.

Before deciding to apply, it is important to note that while there is no registration fee for the 10th IALLA, all applicants need to ensure that they are able to fund their own travel, visa and accommodation/board costs. It is expected that the full daily accommodation/board will cost Euro 70 or Euro 490 for the entire week in Beirut (depending on your arrival and departure date). ICAE will cover all other costs.

Download this invitation as pdf here

Join us for IALLA in Beirut!


Please do not hesitate to contact us at anytime in case you do have any further questions. 

Your ICAE Team

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