Nordic meeting of ALE representatives

There were representatives from six countries (Finland, Norway, Denmark, Iceland, Estonia and Sweden). There had been no meeting since before the pandemic, and we were updated on the situation for folkbildning  or popular adult education in each country.

On the second day global issues were on the agenda. Gustav Fridolin and Lauri Tuomi gave the latest news from EAEA; Antra Carlsen from the Nordic Network for Adult Learning (NVL) spoke about status of the Action plan 2021-2024 and preparations for the plan from 2025 from the Nordic Council. Per Paludan Hansen and Cecilia Palm informed about the results of Confintea VII and the planned regional follow-up conferences as well as bout the coming General Assembly of ICAE.

Text by Cecilia Palm

In the picture – from the left: Björn Wallén (Finland), Cecilia Palm (ICAE), Antra Carlsen (NVL), Stian Juell (Norway), Henrika Nordin (Finland), Mats Ggrimsgaard (Norway), Margit Düüna (Estonia), David Samuelsson (Sweden), Per Paludan Hansen (Denmark and ICAE), Helgi Torbjörn Svavarsson (Iceland)

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