ICAE gathers for an online celebratory event

On 28 April ICAE gathered for an online event to celebrate the success of the General Assembly, give thanks to the outgoing ICAE Executive Committee and welcome the new Executive Committee.

The celebration started with Sandra “Sandy” Lee Morrison’s (ICAE’s Past President) tribute to the former members of the ICAE Executive Committee and ICAE’s partners and committed staff— first in Montevideo, then in Manila, now in Serbia and Austria. These individuals have been awarded with a Certificate of Appreciation and a note to acknowledge their important work and values imparted to ICAE. The partners and members worldwide who have helped and been with us since the beginning were recognized. 


Throughout the event, participants have shared their learnings and experiences as well as hopes and commitment to ICAE. It was a great reminder of the camaraderie among everyone, just like when Shermaine Barrett said that “ICAE brought people closer.” It gave the 31 attendees a chance to reconnect with the moments shared through the work that is bound by one goal: the important value of the passion for adult learning and education, which is evidently seen among the people involved in ICAE. Not only that: despite the big responsibility ahead, the enthusiasm and fearlessness of going hand in hand is in every member and staff of ICAE. 

What comes next for ICAE?

The previous and new Executive Committee will take on different roles of leadership and support to the organization. Past President, Alan Tuckett, drew attention on the lockdown situation during the spread of COVID-20, in which we’re all in at the moment. He believes, “ that it is the goal for adult education to think about opportunities for us to reimagine ways of associating with one another. Imagine the different forms that people play together. To say the same old things, in fresh way.”

Roberto “Robbie” Guevara, ICAE’s new President, especially addressed the essential valuable work of the incoming Executive Council and eagerly stated that ICAE ensures equity with complete representation of organization, as it was during the General Assembly.

ICAE members, EC and staff are staying connected to voice the pursuit of lifelong learning. As we face the challenges posed by the ever-changing world, let’s rise and fight for the sustainability of education. We need to stay motivated in advocating the relevance of adult learning and education and count on everyone to shape the role of this advocacy. Reem Rabah stressed the need to work and gather people together to be influenced by our advocacy. We have to rebuild and reunite from every part of the world, as Ronald Cameron said. May we always rise to these challenges and stand together, now more than ever. 

To you who’s reading this, we cannot thank you enough for being in the forefront and background of ICAE.

Cheers to the fundamental work that we do together, to put forward Adult Learning and Education all over the world.

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