Regional Kick-off in Latin America

The Global Campaign “We are ALE” got off to a dynamic start in Latin America thanks to the Latin American Campaign for the Right to Education (CLADE), one of the original partners in the global campaign. Not only was CLADE present at the global kick off on 22nd March but it also organised a whole week of activities dedicated to Youth and Adult Education from 22nd  to 27th March. Amongst the activities were the launching of two studies on Youth and Adult Education, elaborated by CLADE with the support of DVV International, one dedicated to the financing of ALE and the second to the question of migration. On March 26th the multimedia exhibition “Other readings of the world” was launched. The exhibition constitutes a space for the presentation of experiences which are developed in this field of education and that highlight through artistic expressions, the importance of ALE as a fundamental human right, its transformative potential and the promotion of human rights and a dignified life. The exhibition is made up of photos, documentaries, songs, videos, etc. which were submitted for the initiative from different countries and experiences of ALE in Latin America and the Caribbean.

Read more about the week here.

Timothy D. Ireland
ICAE Vice President for Latin America

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