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The Sub-regional launch of the Third Global report on Adult learning and Education (GRALE III) for Eastern and South Eastern Europe took place on 26 January 2017 in Belgrade. As the participants concluded in the end, it was an inspiring, dynamic, and creative time used well to exchange the experience, address important issues and hear new ideas on building stronger bridges among countries.

And it all started like this…

ICAE Secretary General, Katarina Popovic welcomed everyone


Followed by Mr. Werner Mauch (IUL), Ms. Snezana Markovic (Ministry of Education, Science and Technological Development), Prof. Dr. Goran Milasinovic (Serbian National Commission for UNESCO) and Prof.Dr. Aleksandra Pejatovic (Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, Chairman of the Department for Andragogy)






Gallery with photos and videos you can find HERE!

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After the warm welcome, H.E. Dragan Zupanjevac (Ambassador Coordinator to the Economic and Social Council of the UN and of the SDG 2030 Agenda) spoke about the Serbia’s role and contribution to the formulation and implementation of the UN 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development through the prism of the adult education and lifelong learning.



Prof.Dr. Snezana Medic (Department of Andragogy, Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade) reminded us of history and the role that GRALE and CONFINTEA had in the development of the adult education in Serbia and in the South-East Europe – both as an instrument for follow-up and reporting, and as the focus of the regional cooperation in ALE.


Mr. Werner Mauch and Mr. Konstantinos Pagratis (IUL) addressed the importance the connection between education and community life, health, labor market and other important segments of life – an overall inter-sectoral approach to ALE, and informed us about the main findings from the 3rd Global report on Adult Learning and Education based on the National reports submitted by the countries in the region.



Gallery with photos and videos you can find HERE!

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And what better way to echange the thoughts and experiences regarding these important issues than in working groups!
3 working groups were formed – 1. Discussing the Inter-sectoral approach to ALE and how could GRALE and RALE be used in the region to improve adult education, especially in health and employment. The 1st working group was moderated by Aleksandar Bulajic (University of Belgrade)


2nd working group was moderated by Maja Maksimovic (University of Belgrade) and discussed of the way that countries in the region could cooperate in the CONFINTEA VI follow-up and the contributions they could give in the process.


Finally the 3rd group, moderated by Tamara Nikolic Maksic (University of Belgrade) talked about social partnerships and the role of multiple stakeholders in CONFINTEA VI process in the region.


Group reports pictured the enthusiasm, energy and ideas that everyone shared during the discussions.






At the end Mr. Werner Mauch thanked everyone for great organization, for contributing, giving inputs and encouraging the bridging between the countries.


ICAE Secretary General gave us her impression of the launch!


Interview with Ms. Katarina Popovic you can screen HERE!

Magical GRALE III launch left everyone amazed and convinced us about the transformative power of adult learning and education! Magical GRALE III launch video you can watch HERE!

The evening continued in a positive and happy mood over dinner and music.





If you are interested in more photos and videos please visit our GRALE III in Belgrade Gallery!

Gallery with photos and videos you can find HERE!

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