Citizenship education from ICAE´s perspective

Our preparations for CONFINTEA VII and GRALE 5 (a landmark publication in the field of adult learning and education and the only regular global survey on ALE), continues with a series of ICAE regional webinars that have been conducted in partnership with our regional members (see related article on this website.) Every GRALE has a special emphasis, a topic that is the focus of exploration and reporting, and for GRALE 5 it is ‘citizenship education‘. ICAE was commissioned by UNESCO Institute for Lifelong Learning (UIL) to prepare a background paper on citizenship education and ALE.

ICAE invited our member and partners to contribute examples of innovative programs that address ‘global citizenship’ and ALE. (A big thank to all who has contributed!)  The rich collection of experiences was the basis for the paper we entitled, “Citizenship Education and ALE – The relevance of citizenship education (CED) for the further development of adult learning and education (ALE) and its impact on (current and future) ALE practice from ICAE’s perspective“. 

Aside from presenting the work of our members, we have strongly advocated for and active, global citizenship, in a contextualised manner, responding to local needs and urgent issues, but guided by global goals and universal human values. The study will be soon released by UIL.

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