re-IMAGINE, re-THINK, re-CREATE: ASPBAE’s Regional Strategic Planning Workshop

With the theme: “re-IMAGINE, re-THINK, re-CREATE: Adapting to change, preserving the gains, ensuring empowering education and lifelong learning for ALL”, the three-day ASPBAE’s Regional Strategic Planning Workshop (15th to 17th of December) seeked to situate the deliberations of ASPBAE’s future directions within the current context of momentous change – fraught with challenges and also opportunities. This event gathered ASPBAE members and partners to discuss and deliberate on ASPBAE’s future work, towards crafting its strategic plan (2021-2024). In particular, it aims to offer a space to:
1.     Jointly deliberate on ASPBAE’s future directions, collectively analyse the emerging thematic areas that ASPBAE needs to be attentive to, and offer a steer on ASPBAE’s strategies and ways of work to more effectively advance inclusive, equitable quality basic, youth and adult learning and education for all;
2.     Attend to governance matters, notably to receive the Report of the Secretary General and formally meet ASPBAE’s new leadership (2021-2024);
3.     Share perspectives, learn from each other’s work and experiences and jointly celebrate ASPBAE’s work and achievements over the last 4 years.
Also Katarina Popovic, ICAE Secretary General,  offered comments on the recommendations coming out of discussion groups related to ASPBAE’s seven (7) strategic areas. Especially regarding the area “membership”, she offered examples of ICAE´s work and commented on the membership approaches in the APBAE strategy.

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