Report from the CONFINTEA VII Consultative Committee

The first meeting of the CONFINTEA VII Consultative Committee (CVIICC) was conducted last 1st July 2021. The CVIICC’s role is to provide guidance and advice on preparation of CONFINTEA VII in 2022. The aim of the first meeting was to review the overall process with a special focus on developing the thematic orientation of CONFINTEA  VII, establishing linkages with international agendas such as the SDGs as well as oversee the regional  preparatory conferences.

Official members of the CVIICC from civil society were the ICAE President (Robbie Guevara), ASPBAE Secretary-General (Helen Dabu) and DVV Director (Christoph Jost). ICAE Vice-president for Latin America Timothy Ireland is also a member, representing the academic community.

Prior to the first meeting, the ICAE hosted a meeting of the different CSO organizations to develop a shared platform which included encouraging a greater ambition for CONFINTEA VII beyond the monitoring of the Belem Framework of Action (BFA) and the UNESCO Recommendation on Adult Learning (RALE); greater link between CONFINTEA VII and the current global education initiatives like the SDGs and the Futures of Education, and calling for greater participation of civil society in the lead up to the main CONFINTEA VII in 2022, especially in terms of the preparation of the outcome document, which will replace the BFA as the new framework for action.

CONFINTEA, or the International Conference on Adult Education, is organized by UNESCO and is an important platform for debating the latest developments in adult learning and education that takes place every 12 to 13 years since the late 1940s. CONFINTEA VII will be hosted by the Government of Morocco tentatively in June 2022. (Robbie Guevara, ICAE President)

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