Updates from Latin America

ICAE and its Latin American partners have promoted a series of events over the last few months with a specific focus on the Marrakesh Framework of Action and the repercussions of CONFINTEA VII. These began in August with a Conversation organized by the Open Chair in Youth and Adult Education at the National University in Ecuador in which members of CEAAL’s Group of Incidence on Public Policy in Education (GIPE) analysed different aspects of the potential impact of MFA on the continent. This was followed in September by an Inter/National Dialogue on Adult Learning organised by the UNESCO Chair in Youth and Adult Education, at the Federal University of Paraiba, in João Pessoa (Brazil). Prof. Eliane Ribeiro from UNIRIO and Giovanna Modé from CLADE analysed the MFA from the perspective of the University and that of civil society.

On 10th September, the Mexican Network for Youth and Adult Education held their XXII National Meeting at the Centre for Regional Cooperation for Adult Education in Latin America and the Caribbean (CREFAL) and invited the ICAE Vice President to address the meeting focusing on the Marrakesh Framework. In October it was the turn of the Adult Education Network of Latin American Universities to hold a seminar whose focus was CONFINTEA VII, to which ICAE was invited to contribute.

In October, the Latin American Platform of Networks in Youth and Adult Education held the first of two events planned as part of the strategy to continue discussions on Youth and Adult Education, initiated during preparations for Confintea. These two events will have as their focus the Marrakesh Framework and GRALE V. The Latin American Platform is an articulation of six important regional actors in the continent: CEAAL, ALER, REPEM, Fé y Alegria, CLADE and ICAE. A further series of events is planned for 2023 to continue discussions on ALE in Latin America.

Finally, in November, ICAE and CEAAL have been invited by the OEI Lapatí Chair in Buenos Aires (Argentina) to take part in a round table discussion on the challenges posed by the CONFINTEA Framework, during its VI Latin American meeting. The Organisation of Iberoamerican States (OEI) is another valuable partner for the field of Youth and Adult Education in Latin America. La lucha continua/A luta continua

by ICAE Vice President Timothy Ireland

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