PIMA Climate Justice Education Teach-In Series


Towards a pluriverse of possibilities: unlearning separation, re-learning relationality

The world as we know it is not sustainable. To change these realities, we need to dig deep to the very roots of Western thinking – this is a big story of alternative worldmaking at every level. This includes how we live, work, produce and distribute food, water, and energy.

This set of two participatory workshops encourages us to rebuild understandings of the inter-connectedness of everything so that we reignite relationships with one another and the planet. Instead of continuing to exploit the natural world we nurture and sustain it.

Through dialogue we will question: how and why did we lose our connectivity, our kinship with other living beings, our own embodiedness; and how do we unlearn separation and relearn relationality? As educators and activists, how do we generate a pluriverse of possibilities?

Workshop One will focus on Relearning kinship ethics – this is based on understanding the shift from modernity to relationality; Workshop Two will focus on Composting Modernity, using past values and ethics to ‘compost’ practical possibilities for transformative practice.

Dates: 14 September and 5 October 2023

Time:  PST 10h00; SAST 19h00

Length: 2 hours

The workshops will be led by Dr Elizabeth Lange, author of the inspiring book (2023), Transformative Sustainability Education: Reimagining our Future. This book lays out the principles and practices of transformative sustainability education using a relational way of thinking and being.

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This Teach-In series is a continuation of the PIMA webinars on Climate Justice Education which have run since 2020 in collaboration with the Canadian Association for Studies in Adult Education (CASAE), Adult Learning Australia (ALA), Standing Conference on University Teaching and Research in Education of Adults (SCUTREA), and MOJA African Adult Education Network. The webinars have fed into two special editions of the PIMA Bulletin 39 (Nov 21), 45 (Jan 23) January 2023 Bulletin TOC | PIMA Network  – they both provide useful background to the Teach-In.

For more information, contact:

Shirley Walters, PIMA Climate Justice Education


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