UNESCO has officially announced CONFINTEA VII: ‘Adult learning and education for sustainable development – A transformative agenda’ 15 – 17 June 2022 in Marrakech, Morocco

The time for action has come! UNESCO has officially announced: Seventh International Conference on Adult Education (CONFINTEA VII): ‘Adult learning and education for sustainable development – A transformative agenda’ will be held from 15 to 17 June 2022 in Marrakech, Morocco.

Government representatives, observers from UN organizations, civil society agents, social partners, representatives from the private sector, educators and learners will be invited to participate in person and online.

The International Council for Adult Education (ICAE) is glad to announce several activities that will be organized with our members:

  • A preliminary version of the Marrakech Framework for Action has been prepared and will be released for consultation. The Public Consultation will be conducted online with dates to be announced soon. ICAE will alert you when the Online Consultation starts (since it will last only 10 days) and we will provide you with ICAE´s analysis and insights into the main messages and missing points from the CSO perspective;
  • We will organise a global online meeting about the Consultation, discussing the Draft Marrakech Framework for Action. The exact date and time will be announced as soon as the opening date of the Online Consultation is known;
  • Regional preparatory CSO meetings have been happening in some of the regions, thanks to the active work of our regional members. Additional regional meetings will be organized together with our regional members as we prepare for the main conference. During these meetings we will together reflect on the UNESCO regional reports and prepare our CSO input for the conference. The exact timeline for each of these meetings will be discussed with our regional members;
  • We will kick-start the ALE campaign with a focus on the main messages of the Marrakech Framework for Action that will be relevant for the Online Consultation. The ALE campaign will be sustained as we get ready for contributing to the expected outcomes of the CONFINTEA VII;
  • ICAE will organize a HYBRID Civil Society Forum on June 14 in Marrakech. This will allow both on-site but also on-line participation for our members and partners. For now, we invite you to save the date. When we have more information about local logistics ICAE will send out additional information about ways that you can participate. Please do not book your flights and hotels until we have confirmation from the organizers about numbers and venue. Please be aware that participation in the CSO Forum is different from participation in the main conference. We have been informed that there will be a limited number of participants that can be there in person, but they expect to have more participants online. This is due to the on-going COVID-19 restrictions. You will note that the UIL website clearly states that participation is by invitation only. ICAE is exploring alternative possibilities for participation and we will let you know soon. Please be aware of travel requirements for Morocco (visas and vaccination).

The invitation for the CSO Forum, the link for registration, exact location and the modes of participation, as well as the programme of the CSO Forum will be sent to you soon!

Read up more and find all document also on our CONFINTEA VII Repository, which DVV International is running: https://www.dvv-international.de/en/materials/global-processes-and-policy-documents/confintea

In the meantime, please alert your governments about the coming invitations for them to take part in the Online Consultation on Marrakech Framework for Action and to attend CONFINTEA VII in Morocco!

Check your emails regularly!

Your ICAE Team

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