We, as ICAE … invite you to join us at CONFINTEA VII (Message from ICAE President Robbie Guevara)

We, the members of the ICAE, together with our partners in Adult Learning and Education (ALE) will gather on the 14th of June during the Civil Society Forum (CSF) both onsite in Marrakech and online via zoom to prepare ourselves for CONFINTEA VII. While our energies have recently been focused on ensuring maximum participation and, contribution by civil society during the three-day official conference from 15-17 June 2022, it is important to recognise that our active engagement, started during the CONFINTEA VII preparatory processes in June 2020, while most of the world was still in lockdown due to the pandemic. (Yes, even the pandemic could not stop our active engagement as ICAE.)

We, as ICAE, together with DVV International, co-hosted a series of regional workshops for the Global Report on Adult Learning and Education) GRALE 5 Report, which will be officially launched during CONFINTEA VII. The GRALE 5 Report aims to capture a snapshot of the progress of ALE since CONFINTEA VI. 

We, as ICAE, together with our regional member organizations, actively contributed to a series of sub-regional and regional CONFINTEA preparatory meetings that discussed and identified the key developments in ALE which in turn, helped to develop the agenda for CONFINTEA VII. During these meetings our members actively contributed to the drafting of six regional outcome documents that were launched earlier this year. In addition, some of our regional members also released independent civil society regional outcome documents that ensured the distinct voice of civil society was shared. 

We, as ICAE, together with representatives of ASPBAE, DVV International and partners from the academe, actively contributed to the CONFINTEA VII Consultative Committee that has been meeting since last year, to help to develop the agenda of CONFINTEA VII. More importantly, we actively contributed to the drafting of the Marrakech Framework for Action (MFA), which will be adopted at the conclusion on CONFINTEA VII as the key commitments that members states and other ALE partners will make to advance and guide ALE for the next 12 years. 

We, as ICAE, recognising the importance of ensuring that our voice, as civil society, is reflected in the MFA, organised the 10-days of action that mobilised civil society to actively contribute to the public online consultation on the MFA. And we received good feedback about the significant response received from civil society, but also made aware that priority was being given to responses of Member States.

We, as ICAE, in the eve of CONFINTEA VII, extend this invitation for you to …

…. join us, during the Civil Society Forum (CSF). Review the CSF program with both onsite and online activities. 

… join us, during the CSF Opening Plenary, when we will reflect on the global context that has shaped our world and our ALE practice;

… join us, when we release the GLOBAL SPOTLIGHT REPORT that documents the key ALE issues that were identified during the regional preparatory processes.

… join us, when we launch the ICAE GLOBAL ALE MANIFESTO, as our guide to reviewing the draft Marrakech Framework for Action. 

… join us, as we state our advocacy agenda as civil society organizations committed to advancing ALE in our CSO CONFINTEA VII DECLARATION 

… join us, during the end-of-the-day CONFINTEA VII CHATS on the 16th and 17th June from 7:30pm at Longue Vie hotel ) to reflect on the highlights of the day and strategize for the following day. 

… join us, via the usual social media platforms (Facebook and Twitter) where we update you with progress in the process and will draw strength from your on-going messages of support and solidarity.

Whether you are participating onsite in Marrakech or engaging online via the CSF+ platform, we, as ICAE, invite you to join us to ensure that the voices of our learners, the experiences of our educators and the visions of our communities are reflected in the discussions, the debates, but more importantly the outcomes of CONFINTEA VII.

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